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Our High School Athletics Program is an official member of CIF's International League  

NCA Offers:

High School Boys Basketball

High School Boys Volleyball

High School Boys Soccer

High School Girls Volleyball

Boys and Girls Cross Country

NEW FOR 2024-2025:

High School Girls Basketball



basketball 1.jpeg
basketball 2.jpeg

Led by Coach Johnston, the boys basketball team had a fun season with a bit more of a learning curve. With an overall new group, and a new coach, the boys overcame many obstacles and learned how to work as a team, and each game showed how much they improved. 



girls volleyball 2.jpeg
girls volleyball 1.jpeg

With a new coach coming in after the season already started, you would think this group of girls wouldn't have a chance. Coach Johnston was able to turn this team around and lead them to a first round playoffs run. The improvement shown on this girls team was an incredible sight to see.

boys volleyball 2.jpeg
boys volleyball 1.jpeg

Much like basketball, the boys had a big learning curve going into the volleyball season. A new lineup along with a new coach, they were still able to improve each game and put out a great showing every time they stepped on the court. 

SOCCER COVER_edited.jpg


boys soccer 1.jpeg
boys soccer 2.jpeg

Pastor Ted may be the lead Pastor at NCA, but that's far from all. He led this boys soccer team to an amazing season full of some great moments each time they played. Overcoming odds and having fun while they did it, with boys soccer at NCA, there's never a dull moment.

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