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The International Baccalaureate (“IB”) at NCA 

The IB is a premier educational program that emphasizes critical thinking, scholarly research and writing, project-based learning that draws on broad interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary connections, and personal and social well-being. It is an extremely rigorous course of study that culminates with a series of externally moderated examinations, independent research, and community service as projects. Students that experience an IB education become internationally-minded citizens who are able to solve sophisticated problems with ease. We are proud to be authorized as an IB World School that offers the Diploma Programme in Grades 11-12. We are also thrilled to announce our official candidacy to provide the Primary Years (Grades TK-5) and Middle Years Programmes (Grades 6-10), making NCA the only school in Southern California to offer all three programs concurrently on the same campus.



- Proven College Results: The IB is celebrated as the most rigorous college preparatory program in the world. Participation in the IB Diploma Programme sets students apart in the eyes of colleges, as it symbolizes their eager willingness to tackle the most advanced coursework available today.

- Membership in a Global Community: IB students experience a sense of accomplishment that few others can boast. These students join a cohort of lifelong learners who are internationally-minded and are able to engage thoughtfully with the world.

- Community Service and Civic Engagement: IB students are uniquely able to design projects that aim to address the needs of local and global communities. By the end of high school, IB students at NCA complete over 150 hours of community service projects that they design and spearhead themselves.

- Outstanding Faculty: All of NCA’s faculty are carefully selected for their ability to teach and challenge students in a context of Christian nurture and care. Furthermore, once hired, they receive extra professional development from the IB to teach their specific courses.

- Collaboration, Research, and Communication: IB students collaborate meaningfully on a daily basis, and are expected to read, speak, and write effectively. Participation in the IB provides students with a clear advantage as it pertains to scholarly research and writing.

- Ability to Think Critically: Embedded throughout the IB are opportunities to evaluate knowledge claims and answer the question “How do I know this is true?” As a result, IB students demonstrate a capacity to think critically that is heads and shoulders above their peers.

Interested in the IB Program at NCA? Inquire with our Admissions Department today! 


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