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Checking Your Child’s Grades


STEP TWO: In the top menu bar, click on “PARENTS LOGIN.” (see image below)


STEP THREE: Input your login credentials. Remember to input “NC-CA” as the district code, and to select the button for “PARENT.” (see image below)

grades 2.png

STEP FOUR: Once you are in the dashboard, click on “STUDENT” in the lefthand menu, and then “REPORT CARD” to access your child’s progress report. (see image below)

report card grafes 3.png

STEP FIVE: In the report card view, your child’s progress report grades are in the columns labeled “1” or “2” (depending on the semester). Your child’s final semester grades are in the columns labeled “Grd.” (see image below)


STEP SIX: To view your child’s individual grades in each class, return to the lefthand menu and click on “GRADES.” (see image below)


STEP SEVEN: In the “GRADES” view, find the dropdown menu next to “SELECT A CLASS:” and choose the class you would like to see the individual grades for. (see image below)

one more.png

For Additional Assistance, Please Contact Your Respective Department Head:


Middle School:

High School:

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