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A Student of NCA:

Cultivates a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

● Knows that he/she is loved by God
● Understands that God’s love provides the mean
s of redemption
through the atoning death of Jesus Christ
● Demonstrates spiritual growth (awareness, seeking, salvation, discipleship, and
/or ministry) in relationship with Christ
● Makes decisions based on biblical principles

Acquires Critical Thinking Skills

● Demonstrates skills in accessing, processing and evaluating information and its sources
● Displays effective problem-solving skills or abilities

Produces Quality Work

● Creates well-crafted outcomes or products that achieve their purpose
● Demonstrates effective communication skills in speech and writing
● Demonstrat
es creativity and independence in his/her work
● Utilizes appropriate tech
nology and methods required to produce
quality work

Contributes to the Community

● Displays Christ-like love to others regardless of general differences
● Collaborates with others to accomplish common or given goals
● Demonstrates responsible citizenship
● Contributes time and talent to serve the community

Possesses a Critical Range of Knowledge

● Demonstrates knowledge appropriate for continuing education beyond high school
● Possesses information and educational skills to further his/her God-given potential after high school

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